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How to make money with PicTrax

Making money from PicTrax is as easy as it can get. Here’s how to start:

Make money from PicTrax in three easy steps:

The process of making money on PicTrax is as easy as it can get!
  1. Upload a travel pic you’ve taken of a worthwhile destination to PicTrax. NOTE: Images with embedded GPS metadata will be automatically pinned to their GPS capture location. If this is incorrect or not available, you can manually pin the image by navigating to the place you were when you took the pic, and tapping the map to pin the image.
  2. Like your pic. Tap and hold the heart icon to apply up to five likes. The act of applying likes is counted as a ‘Like Action’. Once applied, a Like Action and credits can’t be removed, even if the likes are removed.
  3. Go to your profile and you will see that your earnings have increased by the current ‘Like Action Value’. This will vary from time to time. You can check the current ‘Like Action Value’ here.
When your credits reach (AUD)$20 you can cash it in. What can you do to increase your earnings further? Encourage friends and family to follow you in PicTrax and like your pix. Each time a new user likes one of your pix, your earnings grow. During promo events, the Like Action Value will increase to up to 20c per like. It will be particularly beneficial to gain as many likes as you can during bonus promo events!

How does PicTrax pay for like actions?

PicTrax has space for programmatic advertising and booked advertising. The revenue received from the programmatic advertising that appears above the user’s image will go to pay for the Like Action Credit.

Booked advertising appears in the feed view of the app. If you would like to book some advertising on PicTrax, contact the PicTrax team here.


For professional or semi professional photographers

When an image is uploaded, each user is able to include personal comments. These can be relative to their experience at the location, but can also be used to promote their portfolio if photography is their business.

“As someone who has sold stock photography, I understand how little photographers earn for their hard work and investment in expensive equipment. I developed PicTrax to be a conduit for direct earnings for popular content. When someone likes your image, you get a financial credit applied to your profile. It’s direct and immediate. It can’t get simpler than that,” says PicTrax founder, Obelia McCormack.