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Share the Adventure

The UGC Mapping app for those who seek roads less travelled



Share private collections

Specific users can now share private collections exclusively with other subscribed users

Download PicTrax today and create and share personalised, mapped travel itineraries

Bay of Fires destination, Tasmania

Share & Discover Travel Through The Eyes of Other Explorers

PicTrax is the ultimate travel companion that turns your photos of real-world places into a network of map-pinned travel experiences to inspire and delight a global audience. PicTrax utilises the GPS metadata in digital images to pinpoint their exact locations on a globally accessible map so you can easily share your favourite destinations, inspire fellow travellers, and be inspired to explore new destinations for yourself. PicTrax exposes unique, regional, address-less and lesser-known travel destinations, offering up new perspectives and opportunities for travellers through shared, searchable and navigatable experiences. PicTrax’s purpose is to contribute to enhancing the human experience through the sharing of adventures. PicTrax – Share the Adventure.

Travel • Snap • Share • Learn • Earn

Find & Share Popular Destinations

See the world’s most popular destinations pinned on a global map

Create & Share Itineraries with Friends

Collect your destinations and share mapped destinations with tap to go navigation

Ancient Mystery & UFOs

Collect sites of mystery and see them isolated on a global map for greater insight

Ocean & Underwater Sites

Pin ocean based sites & share the ocean’s spectacular beauty with other diving enthusiasts or keep them private

Secret Discoveries

Save secret locations to your private profile so no one else can find them, and you can revisit them at a later date

Drone, Go Pro,Mobile & DSLR Photos

Use your drone, Go Pro, or mobile’s location metadata or pin the images manually with search and tap

Pin Photography Locations

Pin capture locations & share with other photographers, or keep them private

Promote Regional Destinations

Show the world what can be found away from the tourist traps

PicTrax is your personal mapping and discovery tool

Discover the Power of PicTrax: With PicTrax, you can transform your travel memories into interactive mapped collections of destinations. Share your captivating travel discoveries by making your collection public, inviting others to explore, or keep them private, for you and or select users’ access.

Embark on Unforgettable Adventures: Connect with fellow travellers who share your passion for off-the-grid experiences. Explore hidden travel gems that perfectly align with your unique interests. With PicTrax, you can create tailored itineraries aka ‘collections’.

Save and Share for Future Travel: Found a destination that inspires you? Save it to your collections for future travel plans. PicTrax keeps your travel dreams within reach, ready to be realised at the perfect time.

Real-Time Updates, Personal Privacy: Choose to share your travel experiences in real-time, keeping loved ones updated on your incredible journey. Alternatively, protect your travel privacy by pinning your destinations after leaving the area, so you cannot be found there by a follower.

Effortlessly Organise Your Travels: Effortlessly organise your past travels. Watch as your global travel adventures unfold and create a visual record of your extraordinary experiences across PicTrax’s global interactive map!

Download PicTrax today and enjoy personalised exploration!

Solo Travel Support

Share your travel progression in a private shared collection, so your family can keep track of your progress and share safe and unsafe destinations

Niche Travel Experiences

Find and share those niche experiences that make you happy. We have steam train enthusiasts, street art, architecture, ancient mystery and other niche travel groups

PicTrax as a Project Management Tool

Privately pin multiple maintenance, construction sites or sites for consideration for road, building or billboard signage placement

Plot Incidents of High Strangeness

See if the global position is relevant to the experience and other occurrences

Organise Film Shoot Locations

Take GPS map pinned images and create private, sharable collections of potential and approved film shoot locations for group navigation

Global Exploration and Education

Follow your curiosity and search the global map to see what can be found in places you’re unfamiliar with

Park Rangers Can Track Endangered Animals

Park Rangers may monitor and locate endangered animals, as well as feral species of plants and animals over time, with private collections

Find Where You Parked Your Car

Take a photo of your parked car at busy markets, featureless beaches and carparks to locate it again easily with tap-to-go navigation

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! When you upload a destination image and someone else likes the image, you receive a credit. Credits accumulate and can be cashed in when you have reached AUD$20 or more.  You can check your tally in your profile interface.

If you’re ready to travel to a destination, simply open detail view, and tap the ‘tap-to-go’ navigation icon . This will send the GPS coordinates to your map app, so you can navigate to the destination.

Your data is safe. and your IP is protected. PicTrax does not use third-party device recognition software to serve ads, so your data is completely enclosed on our servers.

PicTrax relies on each device’s location services to accurately record the GPS longitude and latitude, so it is as accurate as the data that is provided. Each image uploaded, requires the user to acknowledge the map pin is correct, and allows the user to reposition the pinned image if the location is missing or incorrect.

PicTrax is a new platform and has many regions that require destination pinning. This platform is particularly ripe for influencers to make a name for themselves, tagging remote and lesser-travelled destinations you’ve discovered – the more unique and difficult to find, the better.

Absolutely. This is what private map pinning is for. We’ve heard of people using PicTrax to help locate their car on a long, featureless beach, through to mapping address less sites for billboard installation, sign and infrastructure maintenance and more. Use PicTrax to pin possible wedding and reception venues for assessment, or use the map pinning aspect to plot evidence in an investigation. 

Many people opt to have location services turned off on their devices. You can still upload destination images that don’t have GPS metadata. Simply select the image from your mobile phone gallery, search for the destination or nearby landmark, and navigate to the place you were standing when you took the photograph.

As a user-generated content generator, PicTrax offers several benefits:

Credit for Liked Images: We appreciate and support travellers who share their experiences. When other users like your images by tapping the heart icon in Detail View, you earn redeemable credits. The monetary value of these credits, denominated in AUD, can vary over time.

Redeem Credits: Once you accumulate AUD$20.00 or more in credits, you can redeem them for cash. You can cash in your credits, up to AUD$70 per transfer, through the website here.

Exposure for Professionals: If you’re a professional or semi-professional photographer, tour operator, or represent a regional destination, you can include your URL in the details of your uploaded images. This allows you to generate business and increase your exposure among our user base.

Sell access to your private collections: As a travel influencer, landscape photographer, event organiser or other location collector, you can sell access to your exclusive, private collections.

By providing these incentives, PicTrax encourages engagement, supports content creators, and fosters a community where travelers can showcase their experiences while potentially benefiting financially.

It depends on your usage. If you never plan to share a private collection of mapped destinations, you could happily use the free version ongoing. If you’d like to share or receive private collections of mapped images, the very inexpensive yearly subscription may be best for you.

No. The free version platform may present advertising from time to time, however the same advertising will be presented to all users – we do not use your data to present personalised  advertising as you are not identified as a specific individual.

PicTrax requires the internet to present content. As content is changing frequently, internet or data is required to present fresh content.

PicTrax needs your location so it can present content near you. If the app can’t detect where you are, we can’t present destinations near you.

Blue Pools screenshot on phone

Share travel discoveries with Like-minded wanderers

PicTrax was created with the purpose of helping individuals uncover incredible sights and experiences that may have previously been unknown to them.

These discoveries can range from extraordinary dishes at unique restaurants to breathtaking mountain vistas, roadside produce stalls, off-road campsites, or thrilling 4×4 tracks. With the convenience of location or topic search and pre-set filters, you can easily find your dream destinations.

Connect with fellow adventurers and share your travel discoveries: PicTrax boasts an extensive collection of images pinned to their precise capture locations. These images encompass an unlimited range of attractions, from sea caves to dive sites, captivating street art, panoramic city views, picturesque tree-lined streets, wildlife encounters, enchanting wedding venues, photography hotspots, bustling market locations, vibrant displays of wildflowers, mesmerizing drone shots, and awe-inspiring landscapes. The possibilities are limitless.

Share your travel discoveries

Transform your travel memories into interactive mapped collections of destinations. Share your captivating travel discoveries by making your collection public, inviting others to explore alongside you, or share your private collection with specific users.

Embark on Unforgettable Adventures

Connect with fellow travellers who share your niche travel interests. Explore or share whole collections of discoveries that perfectly align with your unique interests. With PicTrax, every adventure is tailored to you, because you create it.

Save for Future Travel & tap-to-go

Found a destination that inspires you? Save it to your collections for future travel plans. Tap on the directions icon when you're ready to travel, and the location is sent to your map app for navigation.

Share your locations for increased safety

Choose to share your travel experiences in real-time, keeping loved ones updated on your incredible journey. Alternatively, protect your travel privacy by pinning your destinations after leaving the area, so you won't be found there by a follower.

Effortlessly Organise Your Travels

Effortlessly organise your past travels. Watch as your global travel adventures unfold and create a visual record of your extraordinary experiences across PicTrax's global interactive map!

Earn money with popular content

Every unique like your images receive adds to your earnings. Upload your most incredible destinations and stat earning today. You can redeem your earnings when you've earned $20 or more.

Create collections of destinations under a common theme

Collections can be created to group destinations under a common theme or along a route – for example;

Any publicly accessible location-specific images can be save to a collection.

Collections can help people share niche travel passions that may not appeal to a large audience and therefore not be worth marketing to from a tourism perspective. Help people from train lovers to landscape photographers and regional road trippers find and travel to these niche destinations.

Help like-minded souls find the treasures you have found, show what can be found in regional or off-the-beaten-track destinations, and help worthy destinations gain visibility.

Share unique places and experiences that others are likely to discover when they visit those locations

PicTrax is not designed for images of commonly found items like a McDonald’s burger or a barista-made coffee. However, if there’s something exceptional or distinctive about a place, it’s perfect for sharing on PicTrax. For instance, consider the extraordinary New Zealand lake-to-plate salmon fishing restaurant called ‘Hook,’ where you can catch a salmon in the breathtaking surroundings and have it expertly prepared and served by professional chefs. Since this experience is genuinely unique and tied to a specific location, PicTrax is the ideal platform to showcase it.

Let fellow travellers find and explore your remarkable travel discoveries and recommendations, ranging from extraordinary restaurants, vibrant nightclubs, captivating statues, intriguing museums, thrilling theme parks, well-known tourist destinations, picturesque public parks, breathtaking views, peculiarly shaped trees, and other remarkable sights and experiences that are specific to certain locations.

Share the magic of your travel adventures on PicTrax and help others uncover extraordinary places and experiences worth exploring!

Detail View - Get more information about the destination, accessibility, the photographer and the image

Spot a place that piques your interest? Tap on a thumbnail in the feed view to see its location on the map above.

Tap on the on-map icon to open Detail View, where you can like, comment, save, tap-to-go to the destination, or report the image.

You can also tap on the user profile image to explore all the uploading user’s images, read the image description, discover the destination’s accessibility and available activities, and view information about the capture device.

We are not tracking you!

Your personal privacy is very important to us. When you upload an image to PicTrax (publicly), it will because you are happy to share the location of your discovery with others around the world.

If you do not want this to happen, please upload your images to private, or simply do not upload your images to this platform!

Your ‘current location’ is used as an in-app function to help you find destinations ‘near you’ and to give you a starting point when uploading images without GPS metadata. It is used for these purposes only – there is no visibility of any user’s current location from any other user or by app administration, nor do we store or in any way utilise this data. We value and protect your privacy as much as we value and protect ours.

See our privacy policy here.

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