Share travel discoveries with other wanderers

PicTrax was made to help people find amazing sights and experiences that may or may not have a street address.

These can include an incredible dish at a unique restaurant through to a beautiful mountain view, a roadside produce stall or a waterhole.

PicTrax has a huge variety of images pinned to the capture location including sea caves, dive sites, street art, city views, tree-lined streets, wild animal sightings, wedding venues, photography locations, market locations, wildflowers, drone shots, landscapes … any publicly accessible image of a visitable destination. Read More

PicTrax uses your phone's location services to automatically pin your images

PicTrax loves destinations with no address. When we are in remote locations, hiking, diving, walking along a beach, traveling in unfamiliar areas, or places with few or no landmarks, it can be difficult to know where to manually pin an image.

When you have location services turned on (on your phone, drone or Geo-location-enabled DLSR camera) PicTrax will read the image metadata and pin the image to the recorded capture location on the map.

Accuracy is dependent on satellite signal strength however, so it is not always 100% accurate, and can be missing altogether.

If the GPS metadata is not available for whatever reason, you can still pin the image to the capture location manually in the upload process! All images uploaded to PicTrax must be as accurately pinned to a location as possible. Images with inaccurate pins will be removed.

Share places and things that others are likely to find if they go there

PicTrax was not meant for images of commonly found items, like a McDonald’s burger or a barista coffee.

If on the other hand, there’s something unique about it, like a lake-to-plate salmon fishing restaurant called ‘Hook’, where you can catch a salmon in the picturesque grounds, have it prepared and served to you by professional chefs … Because the experience is fairly unique and location-specific, PicTrax is the perfect place to post it.

Let others find your travel discoveries and recommendations, including restaurants, nightclubs, statues, museums, theme parks, common tourism destinations and public parks, amazing views, weirdly shaped trees and other significant location-specific sights and experiences.

Marketing regional tourism destinations to a wider audience

Effective marketing strategies are essential for attracting visitors to a region.

PicTrax opens up free access to a global audience. With the default image feed filter being ‘Surprise me’, PicTrax users don’t have to be looking for places to visit in your region to find your best destinations.

Regional tourism operators are welcome to upload images, and create collections of destinations in their region. This new, open UGC platform is the perfect place to promote your region’s best tourism destinations.

You know your area’s most beautiful views … share them and increase regional toursim with PicTrax!

Personalised itineraries shaped to an individual or niche travel market

Travellers are looking for personalised experiences that cater to their individual interests and needs. PicTrax allows users and regional toursim operators to create customised destinations, tours, road trips and itineraries. Create a collection and share it, or create a collection as a personal itinerary full of unique and memorable experiences that stand out from traditional tourist offerings.

A field of wheat may be of no interest to 98% of the population, however to a photographer, wedding photographer, film location scout or Instagram influencer, a field of wheat is a destination. With effective and descriptive hash-tagging, you can find, save and travel to the destinations that are of interest to you!

Your personalised collection can even help you determine where you should book accommodation. A cluster of pins in the isolated collection map that shows only your intended destinations, can clearly show where you should book accommodation and for how long!

No GPS metadata? You can manually search and pin your image to the correct location

If you are using a digital or non-GPS DSLR camera, or choose not to have your device’s location services turned on, your image will not contain GPS metadata (longitude and latitude) in the image info.

To pin an image with no GPS metadata, hit the + button and select the image from your phone’s gallery or file structure.

If the GPS metadata is missing, the map will show your current location – just in case you are still in the vicinity.

Use the search bar to search for a location, street address or landmark close to where you were, and pinch/zoom on the provided map to locate the place you were when the image was taken. Tap the capture location (place you were when you took the photo) on the map, to pin the image to the capture location.

This will pin the image to the location you tapped on the globally shared interactive map, and others will then be able to find the location you pinned.

Get directions to your chosen destinations

With Detail View open, simply tap on the directions icon and have your desired destination’s GPS longitude and latitude sent to Google Maps. Bon voyage!

This feature is great for travel itinerary planning. Save all your desired destinations to a collection for a personalised map to navigate to all your desired destinations.

We also use private collections to save places we want to return to, from restaurants to film shoot locations.

You can use this feature to find where you parked your car! Just take a pic of your car, upload to PicTrax (private profile). When you’re ready to find your car after a long day walking along the beach, at the markets, at a festival … open the image in Detail View and tap the directions icon to send the GPS longitude and latitude to Google Maps.

Use PicTrax search and filter to find your ideal destinations

Search Brisbane for street art or Victoria for painted silos. Search New Zealand for waterfalls, Tasmania for convict-built buildings or Australia for caves.

Search results are filtered based on; Most Recent, Near Me, Pix I Like, Surprise Me, My Pix, Most Popular, Following or For Me.

Your feed will then be populated with your search results.

Detail View - Get more information about the destination, the photographer and the image ...

See a place you find interesting? Tap on a thumbnail in the feed view to see it’s location on the map above.

Tap on the on-map icon to open Detail View, where you can like, comment, collect, tap-to-go to the destination or report the image.

You can also tap on the user profile image to see all the uploading user’s images, read the image description, see the destination’s accessibility and activities that are available there, and see information about the capture device.

You can also share the image with others via a variety of platforms.

Create a new collection and save your own and other people's images to it

Create a collection of destinations based on a common theme so those with similar travel or destination interests can discover what you have found. You can create a collection of any publicly published images, whether you uploaded them or not.

Create a collection of the ‘World’s Best Waterfalls’, and see where all these destinations exist on the interactive map.

When you create a new collection, you will have to name the collection, add a description and hashgtags, and then add images to the collection. When you edit the collection you can tap and hold an image to reposition it in the sequence, or delete it from the collection.
*Deleting an image from a collection does not delete it from the app.

Reorder collection images to create a beautiful collection feed, an ordered list (best to worst) or other logic.

Publish and unpublish your collection

When you’ve created a beautiful collection and are ready to share it, simply tap on the blue slide out tab and hit the globe ‘publish’ icon in the menu panel.

This will make the collection public so other people can download it and travel to your suggested destinations.

If at any time you’d like to make your collection ‘private’ tap the blue slide out tab menu and ‘unpublish’. This will remove your collection from anyone’s profile who has saved your collection though 🙁

Save other people's collections

Loving someone else’s collection? Tap the blue slide out tab on the right and tap the bookmark icon to have the collection saved to your profile. Now you can access this collection when you’re ready to go to that destination! Read More

If you want to travel somewhere in the future, you could save a collection of someone else’s discoveries in that destination. If one doesn’t exist, create it!

‘Lauren’s Favourite Views in Victoria’s Southern Highlands’ … here we come!

This feature allows people to follow in Travel Influencers’ footsteps around the world, and regional tourism bodies to expose a collection of their region’s best kept secrets.

As a UGC content generator, what's in it for you?

We support the efforts of those who travel and share, so we assign a redeemable credit to images that receive likes from other users.

If I like your image (by tapping or tapping and holding the heart icon in Detail View), a monetary credit will be applied to your account. The amount credited can change over time and is in AUD. When you have accumulated $20.00 or more, you can cash it in here, up to $70 per transfer.

Also, as a professional or semi-professional photographer, tour operator, regional destination etc. you can include your URL in your uploaded image’s details and generate business using this platform as a point of exposure.

Create a private collection

Many people use private collections to build personal travel itineraries.

Collect a multitude of map-pinned destinations in a destination, let’s say Tasmania, to clearly see concentrations of desired sites in a certain area.

A cluster of map pins around Hobart may indicate that the bulk of time should be spent there and an appropriate length of time can be booked to make sure you have enough time to see and do all the things you want to do while in that area.

When you arrive, open the collection, tap the thumbnail to open detail view and get directions straight to that location.

You can, however, create a private collection for a number of other reasons, such as a park ranger keeping track of endangered bird or animal’s nesting sites, or an infestation of a noxious weeds, feral species or fire ants, or a council worker keeping track of signs that require maintenance.

Erosion locations can be photographed, pinned to a location and tracked over time.

A farmer might create a collection for fences on their property that need repair, simply by taking a photo of the site and uploading it to a private collection. When they are ready to make the repairs, they can see where to go.

We use privately pinned images to find where we parked our cars and remember where we entered a long beach. How can you use PicTrax private pins and collections?

Should you upload images to public or private?

You may still track your own travels while keeping your personal photos out of the public view, by uploading images to your ‘private profile’.

A family can keep track of their travels, a festival goer may upload and map pinned image of where they parked their car and a park ranger may upload an image of a rare bird species nesting site. These map-pinned images are useful to the uploader, but not appropriate for public view.

Please ask yourself if others should see your image and its location before uploading.

As the image uploader, you will have an ellipsis menu (three dots) that will allow you to make your image public or private, and you may also edit or delete the post.

App administrators may also force an image to ‘private’ mode, or remove it from the platform entirely. Please be aware that all images uploaded to the platform will be visible to app administrators.

Create collections of destinations under a common theme

Collections can be created to group destinations under a common theme or along a route – for instance ‘New Zealand West Coast Must Visit Destinations’, ‘Spectacular Wedding Locations in Regional NSW’, Amazing Dive Sites, QLD’s Top Rainforest Views’, ‘World’s Best Waterfalls’, ‘Chicago’s Best Night Spots’, ‘Painted Grain Silos of the Outback’ ‘World’s Must-See Street Art’, ‘Kim’s Ireland Landscape Photography Destinations’, ‘Banksy’s Around The World’ … any publicly accessible location-specific images can be save to a collection.

Collections can help people share niche travel passions that may not appeal to a large audience and therefore not be worth marketing to from a tourism perspective. Help people from train lovers to landscape photographers and regional road trippers find and travel to these niche destinations.

Help like-minded souls find the treasures you have found, show what can be found in regional or off-the-beaten-track destinations, and help worthy destinations gain visibility.

Some other types of images that are not for PicTrax

PicTrax was made to help people find amazing sights and experiences that may or may not have a street address. These can include an incredible dish at a unique restaurant through to an incredible mountain view.

Please do not upload images that are not connected to ‘place’, such as a cup of coffee or a sunset over an ocean that could have been captured from anywhere in the world. PicTrax admin may make these images ‘private’, in order to protect the app’s ideal functionality of travel destination sharing. Read more

A sunset over a rocky outcrop is another matter, the rock formation makes the image destination-specific and therefore welcome…

There are some types of images that are 'not permitted'

The capture location of images uploaded to PicTrax must be publicly accessible to others, whether paid or free access. PicTrax uploads cannot have been taken within private property, schools, homes, many official or government buildings etc.  Read More

We need to protect areas at risk from high traffic. Please do not post images. These images may be reported and made private.

If you see an image that is explicit, inaccurate for the location or otherwise inappropriate, tap on the reporting icon (exclamation alert triangle) to report it.

We are staunchly protective of human rights, particularly women and children. Exploitative material such as images of people working out in a gym, or children playing in a school playground that could expose places where certain people frequent will be removed from the app and may be reported to the authorities depending on the level of breach. The privacy of the individual must be protected. Read More

*It should be noted that images uploaded to ‘private’ are able to be seen by app administrators. Images deemed as inappropriate will be removed or disassociated with your account, and may be reported to the appropriate authorities.

We are not tracking you!

Your personal privacy is very important to us. When you upload an image to PicTrax (publicly), it will because you are happy to share the location of your discovery with others around the world.

If you do not want this to happen, please upload your images to private, or simply do not upload your images to this platform!

Your ‘current location’ is used as an in-app function to help you find destinations ‘near you’ and to give you a starting point when uploading images without GPS metadata. It is used for these purposes only – there is no visibility of any user’s current location from any other user or by app administration, nor do we store or in any way utilise this data. We value and protect your privacy as much as we value and protect ours.

See our privacy policy here.