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Should You Post publicly or keep it Private?

Should you upload images to public or private?

When deciding whether to upload images to public or private, it’s important to consider the nature and intended audience of the images. Here are some guidelines to help you make an informed decision:

Public Upload: Publicly uploading an image means it will be visible to other users of the PicTrax platform. Public images are suitable for sharing travel experiences, showcasing destinations, and contributing to the community. They can be seen and appreciated by a wider audience.

Private Upload: If you prefer to keep your personal photos or sensitive information private, you can upload them to your “private profile.” Private images are not visible to other users and are meant for personal use or specific purposes. This allows you to track your own travels or store images that may not be suitable for public viewing.

Considerations for choosing public or private upload:

Personal Nature: If the image is of a personal nature, such as family moments or private events, it’s best to upload them as private to maintain privacy.

Sensitive Information: Images containing sensitive information, such as personal addresses, private property or confidential locations, should be uploaded as private to prevent unauthorised access attempts.

Appropriate Content: Assess whether the image and its location are appropriate for public viewing. Consider the impact and potential implications of sharing the image with others.

Platform Policies: Be aware of any platform policies or guidelines regarding image privacy. Some images may be subject to moderation or removal by app administrators.

Ultimately, the decision to upload images as public or private is up to you. PicTrax provides the flexibility to choose the appropriate visibility settings for your images. As the image uploader, you will have an ellipsis menu (three dots) in the top right corner of your image in detail view, that will allow you to make your image public or private, and you may also edit or delete the post.