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PicTrax Tutorials

Like an image

You may apply up to 5 likes to any image – even your own!

When you apply one or more likes – this process is referred to as a ‘Like Action’.

If 5 people apply 5 likes each to your image, your image will have accumulated 25 ‘likes’ through the application of 5 ‘Like Actions’.

If the current like action value is 2c (AUD) you will have accumulated 10c credit. Check the current ‘Like Action Value’

Upload an image

Uploading an image to PicTrax is a very simple process.

You may upload images to you public profile, so that other PicTrax users globally may see whet you’ve seen, learn from your experience, and navigate to that location.

Alternatively you may upload to your private profile to; keep track of their own travels in a private capacity; keep track of location based subject matter such as film and photography locations, and any site you’d like to return to in the future.

Collect an image

Users may ‘Collect’ both their own and other users’ images. This function will assist in holiday planning, event planning, film or photography shoot location scouting etc. In fact collections can be made for any purpose you desire such as ‘favourite dive sites’, ‘road trip destinations’, ‘bucket list destinations’, ‘NZ family holiday must-dos’… the list goes on.

Imagine you are planning a self-drive trip to New Zealand.

There are many places you would like to see, such as Hobbiton, Rotorua, and Milford Sound to name just a few destinations.

You can save pix of all your intended destinations to a collection – then access this collection to plan appropriate lengths of stay in particular regions due to the number of sites to visit, then get directions to those sites when you are there.

Make your image private or public

Once you have uploaded an image to either public or private profile, it is a very simple process to alternate between them. You may change an image’s public/private status as many times as you like.

Delete an image

Report an image

Using search and filter