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Turn nuisance trespassers into a financial opportunity

While a field of wheat may not interest 98% of the population, it holds significant value for photographers, wedding photographers, film location scouts and Instagram influencers. With the property owner’s permission, a field of wheat can become a sought-after destination.

We understand that farmers, especially those cultivating highly photogenic crops like sunflowers, lavender, wheat, and many others, dislike people wandering onto their property without permission for photo opportunities.

By providing contact and booking details in image descriptions, individuals can directly reach out to you and gain access to the location after booking and paying for legal entry.

Uploading images taken from within the boundaries of private property without the capacity to pay or obtain permission for legal access is not permitted on PicTrax. We prioritise respectful and responsible photography practices.

Showcase your exclusive locations and ensure a fair and legal approach for everyone involved. Start exploring the potential today!

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