About PicTrax

PicTrax was created to help connect people with a more authentic travel experience. Whether you are traveling solo, with a group, with people who know the destination or have never been there, you will inevitably be directed to known tourist locations or the places your travel companions know about from their own experience.

With PicTrax, soon everyone will be able to explore like they have their own local travel guide!

PicTrax is an easy to use IOS and Android app that allows you to;

  • Find destinations that you’d never normally find
  • Get directions to your chosen destinations
  • Show potential visitors reasons why they should visit
  • Get helpful tips from previous visitors
  • Explore the global interactive map for inspiration
  • Save destinations to your collections for trip planning
  • See what’s around you when you get to your destination
  • Upload pix of your own travel discoveries
  • Show the world what your local area has to offer
  • Save your images to your private collections
  • See, show and share the reality of what you’ve seen on your travels
  • Find useful device, time and date info for time and season trip planning