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About the founder

Hi, I’m the sole founder of PicTrax!
My name is Obelia McCormack (named after the character in the iconic Australian children’s book – Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, by May Gibbs). I grew up on the Northern Rivers of NSW, born in the Byron Hinterland (on a couch no less) to a mixed family of half brothers and sisters and fairly alternative lifestyle that I took a long time to appreciate…
I spent 10 years as a single mum raising my three (very different)  boys while I worked as a graphic designer and content creator.
The inspiration for this app came from a trip to Tassie, where, after spending frustrating days trying to find destinations that people had told me ‘not to miss’, and getting lost, wasting time, driving past and losing patience, I decided there had to be a better way.
One evening we arrived at our Airbnb accommodation – all set to photograph the Bay of Fires at dawn the next day.
I charged camera batteries, got prepared and set off in the pre-dawn light after scraping the ice off the windscreen in the dark … we arrived a short time later, parked and made our way across the rocks to what I thought was the place to be for ‘that shot’ and when the sun rose, realised we were at the wrong bay (insert forehead slap).
This was one of the stand-out times/places I wanted to experience in Tassie, and had no time to get to the right spot before the sun had risen and every landscape photographer’s highly sought-after ‘golden hour’ had well and truly passed.
I came home, adamant that I would create the solution that connected people with addressless destinations, allowing the ability to save future destinations to collections and tap-to-go functionality that allows quick directional access to your chosen destination.
And that, my friends, is how PicTrax was born … Okay there were a few other gripes to be honest. 
I don’t know about you, but I have listened to backpackers tell of their amazing and exploratory travels through Australia and thought – what the! I’ve lived here for forty-something years and have not even heard of half of these places!
And I’ve created stock images for stock photography sites like Shutterstock and gotten as little as 10c for an image sale (sure, that will compensate me for the cost of the gear, the time and expense of travelling, the accommodation, the selection, processing and upload … not!).
PicTrax is sort of a global interactive travel journal where people can share off-the-beaten-track travel destinations via GPS map-pinned travel shots, so there’s no more ‘turn left after the red barn and go about three kilometres and you’ll see this amazing gnarled tree that would be an amazing shot silhouetted against the setting sun. No more contributing content to social media platforms (whose profitability depends on said content) and seeing no financial reward … No more trying and failing to find that convict-built bridge, street art, crumbling barn or incredible rock face … No more!
So that’s me … I really hope you like PicTrax – I made it just for you, my fellow wanderers, landscape photographers and seekers of real experiences.
Obelia McCormack - PicTrax founder
PicTrax App Founder Obelia McCormack.

About PicTrax

PicTrax was created to help connect people with a more authentic travel experience. Whether you are traveling solo, with a group, with people who know the destination or have never been there, you will inevitably be directed to known tourist locations or the places your travel companions know about from their own experience.

With PicTrax, soon everyone will be able to explore like they have their own local travel guide!

PicTrax is an easy to use IOS and Android app that allows you to;

  • Earn money from your travel photos and advice
  • Find destinations that you’d never normally find
  • Get directions to your chosen destinations
  • Show potential visitors reasons why they should visit remote areas
  • Collect images to ‘collections’ for future travel
  • Get helpful tips from previous visitors
  • See what’s around you when you get to your destination
  • Upload pix of your own travel discoveries – keep them private or share them with us
  • People can follow you in the real world – find your exact travel discoveries
  • Explore the global interactive map for inspiration
  • See, show and share the reality of what you’ve seen on your travels
  • Find useful device, time and date info for time and season trip planning
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