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Share the Adventure

The Personalised Wayfinding app for those who seek roads less travelled


Personalised Wayfinding

bespoke travel itineraries for individuals, event organisers or niche travel markets

Personalised itineraries tailored to individuals or niche travel markets are in high demand. Travelers seek unique experiences that align with their specific interests and preferences.

With PicTrax, both users and regional tourism operators have the ability to create custom destinations, tours, road trips, and itineraries. You can curate a collection and share it with others, or create a personal itinerary filled with extraordinary and unforgettable experiences that go beyond the typical tourist offerings.

With effective and descriptions and hashtags, you can effectively share, discover, save, and travel to destinations that align with your interests. PicTrax empowers you to find those hidden gems that truly captivate you.

Real world uses:
Event organisers
may create and share site-specific wayfinding collection showing bathroom facilities, entry, exit and key sites within the grounds for convenient on-site navigation. 

Your personalised collection can assist you in deciding where to book accommodation. By examining the cluster of pins on the isolated collection map that represents your chosen destinations, you can clearly determine the most suitable accommodation options and plan the location and length of your stay accordingly. This supports a seamless and well-organised travel experience.

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