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If your mobile or DSLR image doesn't contain metadata, search for the location, area, or close landmark and tap on the map to pin, during the upload process



No GPS metadata? You can manually search and pin your image to the correct location

If you’re using a digital or non-GPS DSLR camera, or if you choose not to enable your device’s location services, your image won’t contain GPS metadata (longitude and latitude) in the image info.

To pin an image with no GPS metadata, tap the “+” button and select the image from your phone’s gallery or file structure.

If the GPS metadata is missing, the map will show your current location, just in case you’re still nearby.

Use the search bar to look for a location, street address, or nearby landmark close to where you were. Pinch and zoom on the provided map to find the exact spot where the image was taken. Tap the capture location on the map to pin the image there.

This will pin the image to the location you selected on the globally shared interactive map. Others will then be able to find the location you pinned and explore it.

Even without GPS metadata, PicTrax gives you the ability to accurately place your images on the map. Enjoy a comprehensive and interactive travel experience that lets you share your amazing discoveries with others.