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PicTrax uses your Mobile phone or drone's location services to automatically pin your images

PicTrax loves destinations without a physical address. When you’re in remote locations, hiking, diving, 4×4 driving, strolling along a beach, or travelling in unfamiliar areas with few or no landmarks, it can be challenging to manually pinpoint an image.

When you have location services enabled (on your phone, drone, or Geo-location-enabled DSLR camera), PicTrax can access the image metadata and pin it to the recorded capture location on the map. This way, you and others can view your exciting travel discoveries in address-less or remote regions.

However, keep in mind that the accuracy of the pin depends on satellite signal strength and may not always be 100% precise. There are instances where the pin might not appear at all.

Please note that if the GPS metadata is unavailable for any reason, you can still manually pin the image to the capture location during the upload process! All images uploaded to PicTrax must be accurately pinned to their locations as much as possible. Images with inaccurate pins will be removed.

Enjoy the convenience of automatic pinning or manually selecting your capture location to showcase your travel experiences on PicTrax!