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The importance of accurate descriptions in PicTrax

Information to help others on their travels - accurate description, accessibility and activity tagging

Not every travel destination is suitable for every traveler. Parents with young children may face challenges on rugged mountain trails. One breathtaking view in the Blue Mountains may have convenient parking and public restrooms nearby, while another may require climbing a perilous cliff to reach.

When you upload an image to PicTrax, you have the opportunity to provide information on accessibility options and activities using a set of icons. By tapping an icon, you can add one or more searchable hashtags to the post, helping others discover and assess the destination’s suitability for their travel plans. You can remove automatically applied hashtags and add additional ones as needed.

It’s important to consider the experiences of others with various physical and psychological considerations. Those with mobility restrictions can become frustrated when confronted with steep stairs blocking their path to the intended destination. Individuals with IBS may want to know if there are accessible bathroom facilities available. People with high sensitivity might struggle in noisy or crowded environments, while those seeking physically challenging experiences may look for places that test their agility.

By using accurate hashtags and descriptions, we can assist people in finding highly suitable, accessible, and enjoyable experiences that align with their specific needs and preferences.