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Share Private Collections

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Create and Share Private Collections

Monetise Collection Sharing: Private collections can be shared with other specific users, allowing publishing users to monetise access to exclusive locations. A landscape photographer could sell exclusive access to their top photography destinations in a certain region, or a travel influencer could sell exclusive access to their most incredible destinations.

AIRBNB Promotion: Airbnb hosts can create collections of visitable destinations around their lodging, giving visitors a personalised suite of destinations nearby with tap to go navigation. These sites can include commercial establishments where the Airbnb visitor can redeem discounts, through to address-less experiences such as amazing views, fishing spots and photography locations

Tracking Important Sites: Private collections can be useful for professionals and individuals who need to keep track of specific sites or areas and share them outside of public view. For example, a park ranger can create a private collection to monitor endangered bird or animal nesting sites, while a farmer can use it to track areas that require repairs on their property. These private collections can now be shared with specific users without publishing publicly.

Accommodation Planning: A group of travellers can all share their desired travel destinations to a single collections. By clustering map pins around a particular location, you can all determine the optimal length of stay and plan your accommodation accordingly. This ensures you have accommodation close to your destinations and have enough time to explore the area and enjoy all the activities you have planned.

Family Travel Planning: Create a travel itinerary and share it with your group, so everyone has access to tap-to-go navigation to each destination, or share your private itinerary with family members so they can keep up to date with your intended destinations. Solo travellers can add their own stops to private collections, so concerned family can report on last known locations with accuracy.

Create a private collection

Add your own and or other publicly posted destinations to a collection. Edit the order of images in your collection by tapping the collection title hyperlink.

Both users must follow each other

Sharing and receiving users must follow each other to send and receive collections. You can search and add users in your profile interface.

Both users must have a current subscription

Both users must hold current paid subscriptions. Generally this is equivalent to the price of a cup of coffee (per year) in your local currency.

Sending user 'shares' the collection

Tap the blue fly out menu on the collection, and tap the share icon. A list of qualifying users (users how you follow and who also follow you) will be presented. If the user you're looking for is not in the list, one is not following the other.

Receiver must 'accept' the collection

The receiving user must agree to accept a collection that has been shared with them. This prevents people spamming others with unwanted collections.

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Solo Travel

Share your travel progression in a private shared collection, so your family can keep track of your progress

Niche Travel Experiences

Find and share those niche experiences that make you happy

PicTrax as a Project Management Tool

Privately pin multiple maintenance, construction sites or sites for consideration for road, building or billboard signage placement

Plot Incidents of High Strangeness

See if the global position is relevant to the experience and other occurrences

Organise Film Shoot Locations

Take GPS map pinned images and create private, sharable collections of potential and approved film shoot locations for group navigation

Global Exploration and Education

Follow your curiosity and search the global map to see what can be found in places you’re unfamiliar with

Park Rangers Can Track Endangered Animals

Park Rangers may monitor and locate endangered animals, as well as feral species of plants and animals over time, with private collections

Track Loved Ones as they Explore the World

Take a photo of your parked car at busy markets, featureless beaches and carparks to locate it again easily with tap-to-go navigation

Download PicTrax today and create and share private collections

Create a private collection of destinations and share it with specific individuals