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User Guidelines - Get the most out of PicTrax

Follow these guidelines and you will be on the road to getting the absolute most out of this fantastic platform!

Private property

PicTrax was designed to share travel destinations, so all images must be GPS pinned to PicTrax’s global shared map.

Users are asked to confirm that images have been taken from a publicly accessible location.

House interiors may NOT BE UPLOADED under any circumstances and any image depicting a home interior will be deleted permanently from the platform.

Hotel interiors, exteriors and recreational areas may be photographed and uploaded as these may be accessible by others.

Private property extends to any area – whether you have permission to be there or not – that another user may not be allowed to access.

Photography banned buildings and areas may not be photographed and shared to PicTrax. There are many government, private and even tourist destinations that may not be photographed – please check permissions before uploading pics of any photography prohibited destination prior to upload. For isntance – di you know it was a breach of copyright to photograph the Eiffel Tower at night?

All images must depict a travel destination or clearly show a view accessible from the travel destination.

PicTrax is a travel photography app. All images uploaded to this platform must show some aspect of the destination, or something that may be expected to be seen at the destination in the future.

People are permitted to be in the image, as long as some aspects of the surrounds may be seen (a studio shot of people, or a close up of people against a blue sky for instance, will be removed – there are other apps for this kind of image.

Sunsets are a blurry line and may be uploaded at the discretion of the user. For instance, a sunset showing no aspect of the foreground may be experienced anywhere in the world and so is therefore not a destination specific image.

Animals may be included in the shot as long as the background is a travel destination. Please use your discretion here – decide if there is something specific about the destination that would make sense to include the animal, such a s a wildlife reserve or national park where these animals may be seen on a regular or semi regular basis, or dog friendly beach, these destinations may be of interest to other travellers and may therefor be included.

Earning money with PicTrax

Earning money with PicTrax is easy – in fact any user who has uploaded an image to PicTrax’s public platform may already have started earning!

Simply put – when your image gets a new like from a new user, your profile is credited with the current ‘Like Action Value’.

The like action value can be found here:

The Like Action Value may vary from time to time, to reflect usage trends and advertising revenue trends. If app revenue is high, then the Like Action Value may be raised, and if the app revenue falls, the Like Action Value may also fall.

If the Like Action Value raises or falls, this will not affect your existing in app earnings, but likes applied from that point will reflect the new amount.

When your earnings reach AUD$20 or more, you may redeem an amount up to but not exceeding AUD$70 by filling out this form: REDEEM YOUR EARNINGS Redeeming user must be able to provide user access only information to prove account ownership.

A Mastercard Giftcard will be sent to the email address provided in the redemption form, which must also match the redeeming user account email address. If account ownership cannot be verified though email verification and delivery, transfer will not be made and no correspondence will be entered into.

No other payment options are available at this time and PicTrax makes no commitment to use an alternate form of payment. Australian and international taxes and fees may be applicable, and will be deducted from the final amount.

Please note that the total amount redeemed may be reduced by third party transfer fees and international transaction fees (as deducted by PayPal), and applicable taxes. Please see more information here:

Map pinning - accuracy is everything

When you upload an image to PicTrax, other users may seek to find the capture location (the place you were standing when you took the pic). It is therefore quite important that this location is accurate.

When you upload an image to PicTrax, the app will automatically retrieve any metadata from the image and use that data to pin the image on a global interactive map.

This is most frequently very accurate, however sometimes the image metadata may be inaccurate or missing.

Here are some common reasons for missing or inaccurate GPS metadata:

If an image fails to automatically pin to the correct map location (or fails to pin at all), then you may change the pin location manually by navigating and zooming in to the correct capture location.

It is imperative that this is as accurate as possible – and if this location cannot be determined accurately we politely request that the image not be uploaded at all.

Misuse of the platform

Any attempt by a user to; artificially increase earnings, pin inaccurate, unacceptable or explicit content may result in the user being banned from the platform with no ability to redeem existing earnings.

We may or may not seek to remedy the situation or improve the understanding of the contributing user depending on the type and extent of the breech.

This action may be taken at the discretion of the PicTrax administration team and no communication will be entered into after a final decision has been made.


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