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There are some types of images that are 'not permitted'

The capture location of images uploaded to PicTrax must be publicly accessible to others, whether paid or free access. PicTrax uploads cannot have been taken within private property, schools, homes, many official or government buildings etc. 

We need to protect areas at risk from high traffic. Please do not post images of endangered animals, nesting sites, or delicate ecosystems to the public platform. On occasion a user, such as a park ranger may wish to pin an image of a location for ongoing monitoring or  return with monitoring equipment such as a trail-cam. These images may be safely  uploaded to the user’s  private profile.

If you see an image that is explicit, inaccurate for the location or otherwise inappropriate, tap on the reporting icon (exclamation alert triangle) to report it.

We are staunchly protective of human rights, particularly women and children. Exploitative material such as images of people working out in a gym, or children playing in a school playground that could expose places where certain people frequent will be removed from the app and may be reported to the authorities depending on the level of breach. The privacy of the individual must be protected. Read More

*It should be noted that images uploaded to ‘private’ are able to be seen by app administrators. Images deemed as infringing on human rights or laws will be removed or disassociated with your account, and in extreme circumstances may be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Some other types of images that are not for PicTrax

PicTrax was made to help people find amazing sights and experiences that may or may not have a street address. These can include an incredible dish at a unique restaurant through to an incredible mountain view.

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Not 'destinations'

Please do not upload images that are not connected to 'place', such as people without focus on the destination, or a sunset over an ocean that could have been captured from anywhere in the world

Private property

Do not upload images that have been taken from Private Property, including gyms, schools or homes. This is against PicTrax policy and measures have been taken to prevent PicTrax being used for stalking.

Unappealing, Utilitarian images

Yes you can use PicTrax to pin maintenance requirements, for that broken street sign, but this should be kept private. If unattractive, utilitarian images are published publicly, they will be forced private and ongoing misuse may result in your account being banned.

Explicit images

Explicit images may be removed or reported to the relevant authorities

Inacurate images

Please pin images accurately. Inaccurate image pins will be removed and continued inaccurate pins may lead to your account being removed and or banned

PicTrax admin may make these images ‘private’, in order to protect the app’s ideal functionality of travel destination sharing. A sunset over a rocky outcrop is another matter, the rock formation makes the image destination-specific and therefore welcome…​