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Copyrights & PicTrax

Your responsibilities

PicTrax relies on users to abide by and respect copyright and image author rights. All users are required to agree to the PicTrax Terms of Service, which require users to upload only images they have the legal rights to upload and display in their profiles. If a user uploads an image, they are in effect declaring ownership or publishing rights. The only caveat to this policy is where the user credits the copyright holder. For instance an individual may upload an image that has been legally downloaded from a stock image site if that stock image site is credited.

If I took the image, do I have the copyright?

Generally, if a photographer has taken an image they will have the rights to publish that image (unless the subject being photographed is under legal restriction), but this is not always the case. If a user has taken photographs while contracted or commissioned to take photographs for a third party, the copyrights may contractually and exclusively belong to that third party (depending on the contract).

Protecting publishers’ copyrights

PicTrax users are encouraged to share their travel images with others with the PicTrax app, and we have taken steps to protect that content.
  • Contractual usage guidelines: PicTrax terms of Service contractually obliges users to refrain from illegally obtaining another users images.
  • Screenshot acquisition: Images uploaded to PicTrax will be displayed to users with a watermark to discourage users from acquiring other users images via screenshot.
  • Right click and save or tap and hold to ‘save as’: Right click is not possible from the app. Tap and hold to ‘save as’ has been disabled in the app.
Although PicTrax has taken all reasonable steps to protect users’ copyrights, it may still be possible for someone to steal your image, but rest assured that if we become aware of any such case, we will investigate. If you become aware of a copyright infringement, use the reporting function (see image above) and select ‘Publisher doesn’t own the rights to this image’. If it has been deemed that the image has been uploaded illegally the offending user will be banned from PicTrax.