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Private Property regulations and PicTrax

PicTrax does not accept images taken from private property, or photography restricted locations such as certain government buildings, monuments, artworks etc. As contributing photographers, PicTrax users must be aware of these restrictions.

Due to the GPS location plotting aspect of the PicTrax app, users must not upload images taken from private property, including property owned by the photographer or any other individual, corporation or legal entity. PicTrax does not accept images taken from places of work, schools, gyms etc as the public display of people, interiors, contents of buildings etc. may pose a security threat to the contributing photographer, other individuals and/or property.

The purpose of PicTrax is to assist users to find places they may access, so if a photographed place is not accessible to the general public via paid or free access, then the image should not be published to this platform.

Taking and sharing images from private property – even if the subject of the photograph is outside of the perimeter of the property – may encourage other users to seek-out and attempt to access the location so they may take similar images or view the published view. This may result in access disputes, public liability insurance issues and instances of trespass.

PicTrax takes no responsibility for issues arising from users misusing the platform, however if an image breaches any of these guidelines it may be reported by any user and reviewed by PicTrax admin.

PicTrax advises users to check that the area they may wish to access is publicly accessible before entering or attempting to access an image’s plotted geo-location capture point.

Users are advised to use their common sense, and be aware of and protective of their personal safety at all times, particularly when visiting remote, unknown, or isolated locations, whether attempting to access a PicTrax plotted geo-location capture point or simply exploring new areas.

PicTrax may allow uploading pictures taken from private property in the future, with permanent publishing restrictions to ‘private’ status to enable users to upload pictures taken from private property for their own exclusive enjoyment. If you would like to see this feature enabled, please go to the ‘Improve PicTrax’ page and make comments there.

Read more about Australian law regarding photography and private property here, or discover more about the law governing photography in your own country or destination if outside Australia.