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Promote your area and increase natural tourism with PicTrax

Uploading GPS tagged images is free – show the world what your area has to offer!

You can promote your area and increase tourism by contributing photographic content to the PicTrax social travel-image sharing platform. And it doesn’t cost a thing!

The PicTrax app can be used to showcase an area’s most beautiful and accessible locations and increase natural tourism.

Get on the map

Many areas offer popular tourism locations, and these are of course of interest to our users, however the particular value in PicTrax comes with the app’s ability to showcase areas that are not yet on the tourism radar.

Attract specific tourism groups

Areas that offer specific, unique and authentic experiences that may not be appreciated by the vast majority, but have a passionate following or offer something of great value to a niche tourism market.

These specialist tourism groups include landscape photographers, hikers, wine lovers or even steam train enthusiasts.

Be discoverable

Tourists looking to holiday in a coastal city may have seen or heard of several popular locations that tourism bodies have actively promoted.

However the area may have many more beautiful places to see and explore – maybe slightly inland where the residents sorely need the tourism dollar.

This is your opportunity to map-pin these great locations and lead the way.

Expand regional tourism reach

PicTrax allows users to showcase these areas to potential visitors and photographers whether they be locals wishing to discover more about their area, or tourists looking for a more authentic experience and tailored to specific interests.

Conscious promotion

Be aware that promoting areas that do not have the infrastructure to support high numbers of visitors may have a negative social or environmental impact!

Do not post images of areas with environmental sensitivity or of native animals in the wild unless these can be seen from commonly used walking tracks etc.

Please also be aware of your rights and responsibilities as a content contributor!

Refrain from publishing images taken from private property as this will potentially attract people to the location and could cause flow-on environmental issues or legal and safety issues for both land-owner and visitor.

Know your rights

All images you post to promote your area must be either your own image, or images you have appropriate reproduction rights to (as negotiated with the photographer).

Happy travels! 🙂