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How to find the best photography locations
around the world with PicTrax

Finding unique photography locations around the wold is easy with PicTrax.

Find beautiful photography spots and travel  destinations … places the locals know about or other travelers and photographers have discovered.

PicTrax allows users to find unique photographic and travel locations as well as tips and advice. Show others what you have found and see what others have found in turn.

Search through images by location, and add filters such as ‘Most Popular’, ‘Most Recent’, ‘Near Me’, ‘Surprise Me’, ‘My Pix’ and ‘Pix I Like’, to refine your search.

If you’re looking for film, or photography locations in a specific area, you will find the inspiration you’re looking for in PicTrax

Scroll through the images in Feed View and tap on a thumbnail to see where it was taken on the map above.

Collect pix you’re interested in to a private collection!

Create collections of images. Name your collection and start saving images to it. Users create collections such as ‘Bucket List’, ‘New Zealand shot list’, or ‘Wedding Shoot Locations’.

As you discover images that you’d like to save for future reference, collect them to one of these and get directions when the time comes to travel there.

Get the locals’ hot tips and find secret places that are waaay off the beaten track.

As you are keeping track of your own photographic journeys, you can keep your images private, or publish them to the global PicTrax community to inspire others to follow in your footsteps.

Search for specific destinations or get inspiration by scrolling through the world map, who knows what you will find. There may even be locations in your area that you didn’t even know existed!

Be mindful

Please be careful to respect the environment, the location and other travelers and photographers!

Sharing IS CARING, and while we strongly feel that everyone should be free to enjoy this world, we also feel that it is all of our responsibility to care for it!

PicTrax also shares ad revenue with the uploading user, so our contributors are compensated for the time and effort. READ MORE

Happy travels 🙂