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PicTrax AUD$500 ‘Share your view of Australia’ Photo competition

Step 1: If you haven’t already – download the PicTrax app on your iOS or Android mobile phone or tablet. If you already have PicTrax, make sure it’s the latest version. You may need to delete and re download if it has been a long while since you initially downloaded the app.
Step 2: Upload pix of amazing Australian destinations between December 28, 2020 and 5pm AEST, March 31st, 2021. PicTrax will either find the GPS info in your pic to pin it on the map automatically, or you can pin it manually. Please check to make sure it’s accurately pinned as the location may be checked for accuracy prior to assigning the prize. Complete the rest of the upload process.
Step 3: Like your pic in the post-upload window. If you tap and hold the heart icon you can apply up to 5 likes. Now your pic only needs to receive another 35 likes to qualify …
Good luck!
TIP: Get friends and family to like your pics to achieve your minimum like threshold of 40 likes. Remember to tap and hold to apply the full 5 likes.
Terms and conditions of entry:
  • Upload one or more photos of an Australian destination between December 28, 2020, and 5pm AEST, March 31, 2021, to be entered automatically. See how it’s done here.
  • Winning image must have received a minimum of 40 likes to win. Tap and hold the like icon to assign up to 5 likes. See how it’s done here. Be generous and like other worthy pics, not just your own! They might be inspired to like yours in return 🙂
  • Images can have been taken in past years but must be a fairly accurate depiction of the destination as it can be found today. We accept image enhancements, however creative compositions will not be accepted. PicTrax needs to show what can be found at a destination if another user chooses to visit that location.
  • Images must be map-pinned accurately to be considered as the winning entry. Please check the position if it is automatically map-pinned, or take time to zoom in and pin the capture location as accurately as you can. We may navigate to the destination using PicTrax/Google maps navigation to assess depiction and map-pinning accuracy prior to assigning the final prize.
  • Images must comply with private property and copyright stipulations as set out in PicTrax terms of use (see device specific links in the footer below) and user guidelines.
  • Winner will be announced (PicTrax user name only to be publicly announced) by April 15, 2021.
  • User will have their earnings added to their in-app earnings for cash out at a time of their choosing.
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